We provide a safe and nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate activities that engage your child’s innate sense of curiosity and wonder. We strive to support your child’s developmental needs and honor their individual learning styles and interests. We believe it is essential to create a learning environment which supports an inclusive, anti-bias approach to ensure that all children are able to freely participate and engage in their learning experiences. We will work closely together to observe and document children’s milestones, and will communicate with families as to how and what children are learning in their time with us.


We work closely with our families to ensure that they are connected to their child’s experience at Stony Brook School. We welcome parents to visit our classrooms, stay involved with our daily learning experiences through our weekly blogs, engage through parent/teacher meetings, and to participate in school events and activities throughout the year. In addition to communication, and to ensure continuity of care, we are also committed to better accommodate working parents by offering extended day options and a year round school calendar.


We provide an atmosphere that will attract and retain well-trained teachers. In addition to offering a competitive salary and benefit package, we invest in ongoing professional training and continuing education, and provide incentives for extending their career at Stony Brook School. We offer an excellent working environment by maintaining a high staff:child ratio within the classrooms, by providing teachers with access to a monthly budget for their classrooms, by furnishing our classrooms with quality materials and supplies, and by allowing daily time for reflection, documentation, collaboration, planning, and support.


We provide a learning environment that is clean, safe, warm and welcoming. Our classroom spaces are purposeful and ever-evolving, and are designed to cultivate curiosity, communication, relationship-building and exploration. However, our classroom extends beyond our physical space, into the community, as we explore local green spaces and collaborate with neighboring businesses and others that can enhance our learning.