HOPS Classroom

Our youngest classroom serves as a great entryway to preschool, helping young children transition into a warm and nurturing early learning environment that helps foster  independence, community, and exploration. Teachers encourage thoughtful interactions and relationship building, as they help children understand the art of negotiation, effective communication, and conflict resolution, allowing them to establish a deeper bond with their peers. Our classrooms provide opportunities to engage in dramatic play, sensory based art explorations, and allow ample space for movement games and activity. With carefully planned transitions and experienced, caring teachers, we provide just the right balance of structure, free play, and enriching activities to stimulate and encourage your child. 


BARLEY classroom

The older preschool classroom serves as an excellent continuation for early learning, by helping children further develop the necessary socio-emotional, cognitive, and early math and literacy skills, to enter Kindergarten. Teachers closely track the children's interests and development and consciously create an environment that is rich with relevant opportunities for inquiry and exploration.  With thoughtfully designed, emergent curriculum, our experienced, caring teachers, help enable children to become competent, critical thinkers, and protagonists in their own learning experiences. Our classrooms serve as an evolving laboratory,  illustrating the children's learning, process, and growth.