Preschool Program  |  8:30am - 2:30pm

Our preschool program serves as great base for early learning and further school readiness. Our daily schedule and classroom environments are rich with invitations to explore and opportunities for collaboration, helping children develop the necessary cognitive, social-emotional skills, and early literacy skills necessary to enter Kindergarten. With carefully planned transitions and experienced, caring teachers, we provide just the right balance of structure, open ended play, and engaging activities to stimulate your growing preschooler. 


Extended Day Program  |  2:30AM - 5:30pm

For families needing extended care, we offer an extended day enrollment option. Children  participate in our regular day program until 2:30pm, and then continue on to explore daily creative arts and movement. Possible units of exploration may include animal yoga and mindfulness, music, gardening, nature studies, expressive or studio arts, and physical activity and health.

Early Drop Off Program (optional)  |  7:45-8:30am

Early drop off provides a calming entry into the school day as children meet in the main gym space to begin their morning building with blocks, assembling puzzles,  or reading with a teacher.  Breakfast snacks can be brought from home and enjoyed if a child needs a little extra morning nourishment.  Children will be brought to their “home” classrooms as the regular school day begins.